Hi, and thanks for coming to my site.  It is currently being renovated, so some of my books are not here (though most of them are).

If you want information about The Hillwalker please click on the link.

For The Hillwalker II, please go to https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hillwalker-Tales-Unexpected-Item-Bagging/dp/0993023347

For Face-to-Face Dating, a Short Guide for Nice People, please go to www.amazon.co.uk/Face—Face-Dating-Short-People-ebook/dp/B01CL94JEU

I have made my living from words since 1991, when my first book was published.

I have written in many styles and genres, which is how I like it.  I know to get rich you have to find a formula and stick to it, but that has never appealed to me.  I make a living writing business books and ghosting (which I greatly enjoy, by the way; it’s not a chore), and this sets me free to be creative about my own stuff, to tell stories I want to tell at a length I want to tell them, and to create non-fiction guides that (again) are shorter and snappier than the length publishers insist on.  So please click around the site (and on the links above) to see what I get up to.

Right now, I’m reworking my Chinese crime novels for e-publication and preparing the 2017 edition of Hello Europe!, A History of Modern Europe through the Eurovision Song Contest, which will be published by Melville House in the run-up to the next Eurovision.  (To check out their marvellous list, go to http://www.mhpbooks.com/ )

Do get in touch if you have read and enjoyed one of my books (or even if you have a criticism), or if you think I could help you write something better, clearer, sharper, funnier.