Hi, and thanks for coming to my site.

I am a professional writer.  As you will see from the covers below (or if you click around the site), I write all sorts of book, from crime fiction through history to how to start a business.  The original driver for this diversity was paying the mortgage: pure ‘creative’ writing doesn’t make enough to live on, unless you’re JK Rowling.  However I’ve come to regard this constraint as a blessing.  Writing on a diverse field of subjects has turned out to be a fascinating journey, or rather a series of fascinating journeys, which, actually, I wouldn’t miss for anything.

Right now, I am back working on a novel, while at the same time planning another history book and doing consultancy work on more business titles.  Dull, it isn’t!

Do get in touch if you have read and enjoyed one of my books (or even if you have a criticism), or if you think I could help with a book project.