Hi, and thanks for coming to my site.

I am a professional writer.  As you will see from the covers below (and if you click around the site), I write all sorts of book, from crime fiction through history to how to start a business.  I also ‘ghost’.  The original driver for this diversity was paying the mortgage: pure ‘creative’ writing doesn’t make enough to live on, unless you’re JK Rowling.  However I’ve come to regard this constraint as a blessing.  Writing on a diverse field of subjects has turned out to be a fascinating journey, or rather a series of fascinating journeys, which, actually, I wouldn’t miss for anything.

Right now, I am back working on a series of comic short fictions, while at the same time planning another history book, as well as doing my usual marketing / PR work and working on a new, ghosted title with a business author.  Dull it isn’t!

Do get in touch if you have read and enjoyed one of my books (or even if you have a criticism), or if you think I could help you with a book that you want to write.

  • First Class

    First Class

  • First Class

    A History of America in Thirty-six Postage Stamps more...

  • The Beermat Entrepreneur

    The Beermat Entrepreneur more...