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1. What was the first ever Eurovision song?

2. Who played the violin on the winning entry for 1957?

3. What was the original title of Volare?

4. Where was the 1959 contest held?

5. The 1960 contest featured a song in local dialect. Which nation was that from?

6. Which Iron Curtain country made its debut in 1961?

7. Who was the first contestant to get nul points?

8. For which nation did super-cool Parisian chanteuse Françoise Hardy sing in 1963?

9. Who was known as ‘The Man with the Golden Voice’?

10. Who wrote the winning entry in 1965?

11. 1966 contestant Åse Kleveland went on to hold which position in the Norwegian government?

12. Sandie Shaw had had two number one singles before she appeared on Eurovision. What were they?

13. Who designed the sculpture on the stage of the 1969 contest?

14. Who designed the set for the 1970 contest?

15. Katja Ebstein’s song for 1971 was the first Eurovision entries to have an environmental theme. What was it called?

16. What was special about Ireland’s entry in 1972?

17. Who wrote Portugal’s 1973 entry, and which political party did he belong to?

18. Another Portugal question. E Depois Do Adeus is noted for being used later as the signal to start a revolution in Portugal. What was that revolution known as? And how did the song fare in the contest?

15. What is the correct title of the 1975 winner?

16. In how many European countries was Save All Your Kisses For Me number one?

17. Who sang alongside Lynsey de Paul for the UK in 1977?

18. Jahn Teigen got nul points for Norway in 1978. What position did the song reach in Norway’s charts?

19. In what century did Genghis Khan, hymned by Germany’s 1979 entry, die? (Bonus point for the actual date!)

20. Which North African country made its only Eurovision appearance in 1980?

21. Where was France’s 1981 contestant, Jean Gabilou, born?

22. The 1982 contest featured two songs about the threat of nuclear war. One was Nicole, from Germany, who won. Who was the other artist, which nation did they represent and where did it come?

23. The winning nation of the 1983 contest became the first one to win five outright victories in the contest. Who was it?

24. What colour shoes were Herreys so happy about wearing?

25. Who lost her dress in 1985?

26. How old was the winner of the 1986 contest, Sandra Kim?

27. 1987 saw a new low for the UK – where did it come in the order?

24. 1988 was the year of Celine Dion. By how many points did she win the contest?

25. The UK Live Report came second in 1989. What was the name of the band’s singer?

26. How old was Emma, the UK’s entrant in 1990?

27. 1991 was dogged by various problems, including a saxophone solo that went totally wrong. Which nation’s song was that in?

28. Who wrote the 1992 winner?

29. What was the population (to the nearest 100) of Millstreet, the venue for the 1993 contest?

30. Who composed the music for Riverdance?

31. Who was the singer for Secret Garden?

32. What was notable about Peter Gronvall, one of the singers in Sweden’s 1996 entry?

33. Where did Katrina get her green shirt from, and how much did it cost?

34. Which Swiss newspaper launched a series of virulent attacks on their entrant for the 1998 contest?

35. Who were the last competitors to sing in Eurovision in the twentieth century? (Not including the winner’s reprise – and assuming that the century ended at the end of 1999)

36. How old was Jørgen Olsen when he won the 2000 contest?

37. Dave Benton, Estonia’s 2001 co-winner, also worked as an instrumentalist, backing a range of big name singers. What instrument did he play?

38. Jessica Garlick would be the UK’s most successful entrant for two decades. What number in the draw did she sing from?

39. Belgium were runners-up in 2003. In what language was their entry sung?

40. What was the slogan for the 2004 contest, held in Istanbul?

41. What is the meaning of Ukraine’s 2005 entry, Razom nas bahato?

42. Who were not the winners in 2006, though they did come sixth?

43. What is Verka’s real name?

44. What was unusual about Ireland’s 2008 entrant?

45. How did Armenia upset its enemy Azerbaijan in 2009?

46. Who appeared in the post-crash Eurovision of 2010 with just his guitar?

Bonus question: The Icelandic delegation had a model of a volcano in their green room. What was its name?

47. What was unusual about the lady in Moldova’s 2011 entry?

48. What was the name of the oldest of the ‘Russian Grannies’, and how old was she?

49. Who wrote the music for the opening flag parade of 2013?

50. Which four countries gave Conchita nul points in 2014?

51. Which country made its debut in 2015?

52. Who were the two lead hosts in 2016?

53. Who was the Russian entry for 2017, and why was she prevented from singing?

54. China refused to show two acts in the 2018 contest. What countries were they, and why?

55. Who was Australia’s entrant in 2019, and what was unusual about her act?

56. OGAE ran a poll to see who fans thought should have won the cancelled 2020 contest. Who won?

57. Who is the lead singer of Måneskin?

58. In the promo video for Moldova’s 2022 entry, which historical figure is on the carpet unrolled in front of the customs official?

59. Who the hell was Edgar? In what year did he die?

60. What is the three-letter acronym for the Swedish national broadcaster?

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