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Perfect Written English

I'm not sure I like the publisher's title for this book, as I think perfection is a pointless aim, unless you're Shakespeare.  But we can all improve. This book will show you how.


My basic premise is that every word should carry the reader forward in some way.  I look at ways that writers fail to do this and start boring the reader immediately - and I show how to avoid these traps and, instead, make your writing energetic and engaging. 


I look at the process of creating a piece - how to overcome the tyranny of the blank piece of paper, how to get stuff down, then how to progress to editing and refining.


Basics such as parsing (they don't teach this any longer), punctuation and grammatical mistakes are covered, too.

"A complete joy to read... A must-buy for those that wish to improve written English."  Amazon reviewer


"I thoroughly recommend this book. After ploughing through others on the market it was refreshing to find one that didn't confuse me, bore me or otherwise miss the point."  Amazon reviewer

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