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The Karpman Drama Triangle Explained

This amazon bestselling book is about how people get trapped in playing roles: Victim. Persecutor or Rescuer. We also lure other people into playing these roles, and can 'switch' them from one role to another.


At a conscious level, this is painful and puzzling. Why do we do it, then? How can we stop? How can we protect ourselves from this stuff? Can we make the world a nicer place by stopping ourselves and others from acting out in this way?


The first part of this book explains how the roles get learnt and how we turn them into 'Drama'. The second looks at ways of solving this problem.


It is a practical primer for living a happier, more sociable, more truthful life, based on a model that is widely used in coaching, management training and therapy - but which is still not nearly as widely understood at it should be.

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