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2021 - A Yearful of Sonnets

2021 was the year of the biggest COVID spike, but also of the vaccination programme. It was the year reality returned – with all the challenges and opportunities (but also potential disappointments) that brings. The countryside, of course, ignored all that and just kept on rolling through its usual, magnificent cycle of rebirth, flourishing and retreat.

These 52 sonnets tell all these stories, and more.


Most of them have the ABABCDCDEFEFGG rhyme scheme and iambic metre that Shakespeare used. You can’t beat that, really, but I try a few others in places, just for a bit of variety.

20 sonnets new eb cover.jpg
Twenty Sonnets

This is my first collection of sonnets, written in 2020.

I've presented them a bit like those vinyl albums I loved as a young man. Side One is more of a random collection. Side Two is a sequence with a theme - the sonneteer's favourite since the dawn of the genre, love.

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