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Some positive thoughts on a Spring morning

'If you decide it is all good, then it is all good' sounds like a slogan from one of the dippier New Age gurus. But maybe there's something to it.

You can’t have everything you desire. To an ambitious young person this may seem horrible, crabby and negative, but maybe it is actually the beginning of wisdom. Once we accept this, we can want more, and the wanting won’t hurt. We have an imaginative life.

Fantasists still believe that some time in the future a magic wand will wave and they will have what they want. They are condemned to flip between two worlds, reality and dreams, in a way that hurts them. The realistic person with an imaginative life lives in two worlds, too, but is happy to move between them.

Does this make ‘all’ good? Current events in Syria are good? Of course they aren’t. But on a day like this I really do feel that evil is a falling short, a failure to live right. If people really understood how things are, they'd be more grateful to the universe and kinder to others.

Or maybe we are just better and happier beings if we act this way. If we really to commit to living as if this were the case. Right now, making such a commitment seems easy, natural, right. At other times, I know, it won't...

We don't have to make such decisions alone, of course. I know I need the support of positive people in my life to live well.

It's a lovely day. I shall go out and walk, and hope that what I connect with is truthful.

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