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Another light goes out

I don’t want this blog to become morbid, but another once-bright light has been extinguished with the early death of Keith Flint.

I’m showing my age here, but I first heard Prodigy though the son of a girl-friend. I’m not sure I really loved the music, but I understood why it was outstanding, and was sure that if I had been a generation younger, I would have loved it.

Flint looked demonic, with his tattoos, piercings and those devilish horns of hair. But behind that he was, by all accounts, a sensitive, talented and actually very nice guy. There is a story going the rounds whereby at a music biz event, various members of the rock elite were being spectacularly rude to James Blunt. Keith went over to the guy and gave him a hug. How old-fashionedly decent is that!

As artists (of whatever calibre) we are in the position, which can be difficult, of saying things that people don’t want to hear, of needing to be challenging and difficult. This can be mistaken by, well, let’s say not very bright people as being narcissistic and anti-social. We mustn’t let the chatter put us off saying what we need to say, in the way we need to say it. Above all, we mustn’t start believing the chatter.

Yet we have to remain open and thus a bit vulnerable to keep the inspiration flowing.

It seems that Keith was going through a divorce and was having to sell his farm, which he loved. His defences were down. Artists are sensitive people who defy convention, a difficult mixture, and have to work actively at staying strong.

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