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The Return of Bao Zheng

My fab online publisher, Ian Skillicorn, has come up with beautiful covers for the reissued version of my Chinese detective series. I love them!

Here is the cover to Death of a Red Mandarin, which is set in busy, booming Hong Kong at the time of the 1997 handover of power from Britain to China.

Readers of the originals will notice a few changes. I decided to change the protagonist's name to something with a resonance with Chinese history - Bao Zheng was a traditional hero of Chinese detective stories. In these stories, there tended to be less of a mystery element -- it was more 'How catch 'em'. We knew who had done the crime, but would they get away with it? The modern Bao Zheng faces more puzzles and red herrings.

I did a bit of rewriting of the stories, just tightening up. I'm glad to say no major rewriting was necessary!

Here they are. I'm so happy to see

the series out there again, and I know that people who read them will enjoy them.

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